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28: Quick make Trousers May 23, 2012

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Last year I made my girls a couple of pairs of trousers and I have plans to make some more this year. However, the back end of last year when I was shopping for a quilt I spotted this fabric and thought I could actually make myself a pair of trousers out of that.

So 6 months later I have finally got round to making them. These are actually mark 2 as the first pair I made the day before, I forgot about the back needing to be higher than the front, so I made a new pair that fit much better.

I used an existing pair of jeans and traced the outline onto baking paper adding in a seam allowance for when I sewed them. When making a pattern piece for this kind of trousers I always fold the legs on themself so you have one leg. Then if you fold the fabric doubled you have 2 pieces when you cut them out that make a great mirror image of each other and means also that you only have to pin and cut twice to get 2 pieces for the front and then 2 for the back.

I also discovered a much easier way to put them together. Sew the 2 back piece together and then the same with the front. Then sew the inside legs and then the outside before doing the waistband. A much better finish than the way I had been doing it so very grateful to have found that tutorial on you tube.

The photo isn’t the best in the world and doesn’t really show how great they look, but they are so comfy, just need to make a few more pairs like this one. Only took me about 40 minutes once I had the pattern piece and that includes fitting. NOt bad at all


3 Responses to “28: Quick make Trousers”

  1. 7cakes Says:

    Did you have any trouble with the inseams not matching up? Because the two times I’ve made jeans/trousers, the front inseam was longer than the back and it curled forward =P Do you have any advice?

    • 50thingsinayear Says:

      HI i sewed the two pieces of the front together and then the two back. Then I sewed up the inseams. Before sewing I pinned at the top and then worked down each leg matching up the seams

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